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Advanced Laser Skin Treatment

Discover the latest in advanced skin care and aesthetic health at Beauty to the Bone, a high-end medical spa offering Jackson, TN patients a comprehensive range of skin care and aesthetic services, including laser skin treatments highly effective in improving the condition of your skin. We invite you to step into a warm and soothing atmosphere, where we are staffed with skilled, experienced healthcare professionals ready to help you enhance your appearance, bolster your well-being, and achieve your full potential! Through cutting-edge technology, world-class expertise, and compassionate patient care, our skin care experts are driven to provide the transformative results you deserve. Learn more about advanced laser skin treatment and book your appointment today.

laser skin treatment

Safe, Effective, & Affordable Laser Skin Therapy

Although moisturizers, sunscreens, and many modern cosmetic products can protect the condition of your skin, sometimes they’re not powerful enough to maintain your youthful appeal. If you’re looking for a more effective way to rejuvenate your skin, improve facial imperfections, and reduce the signs of aging, our medical staff at Beauty to the Bone are driven by your beauty goals and can present a variety of treatment options tailored to your unique needs.

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Our Laser Services

4D Facelifting

A non-invasive laser facelifting treatment is a no-downtime series of non-invasive laser treatments. The 4D facelift involves internal and external aspects of full-thickness thermal treatments for persistent collagen and elastin stimulation. The Fotona 4D is one of the amazing treatments that stimulates elastin as well as collagen in the skin. Healthy levels of elastin and collagen in your skin allows for total skin vitality. 4 Dimensions 4 Depths 4 Lasers treatments in each session. Used in concert to combat the signs of facial aging No downtime Non-invasive & safe Anti-aging All year around Minimal discomfort.

Acne Laser Treatment and Scarring

Fotona offers a laser acne treatment protocol that provides a truly comprehensive solution to the problem of acne. Fotona’s precisely controlled Nd:YAG laser light safely penetrates into skin to effectively target overactive sebaceous glands and to reduce the risk of developing new acne inflammation. For improving the appearance of acne scars, Fotona offers a complementary laser treatment based on a precise and gentle skin resurfacing procedure in which an Er:YAG laser beam is absorbed by the top micro-layers of the skin to vaporize scarred tissue and stimulate the production of new collagen in the dermis.


LipLase is an alternative lip enhancement procedure to fillers that helps stimulate collagen production. This quick laser procedure treats both the intraoral and exterior lips to give a naturally fuller and well-defined lip. With creating more of a crisp border and with the natural color of the lips coming back to create that beautiful natural plumper lips.

  • All Natural Lip Plumping
  • Fuller, Smoother Lips
  • No Filler
  • No Downtime
  • No Injectables
  • Stimulates Collagen Remodeling

Smooth Eye Baggy Eye Reduction

SmoothEye® Laser treatment for Periocular lines, wrinkles, eyebags, and more!


  • Immediate freshness and tightness of the periocular area
  • Stimulates collagen remodeling and initiates neocollagenesis
  • Helps lines and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Lift sagging upper eyelid
  • Little-to-no downtime
  • Gentle, fast and non-invasive
  • Safe and precisely controlled
  • Only laser treatment to treat EYEBAGS

SmoothEye® is a minimally invasive procedure targeting either upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both to improve signs of aging around the eyes. It uses a two-step process to tighten loose skin and increase volume around the eyes for a more youthful appearance.

Hair Removal

The Fotona Nd:YAG long pulse laser offers semi-permanent to permanent hair removal by amplifying light and targeting the pigment in each hair follicle. As a high-powered, non-invasive hair removal treatment it is considered the best in its class. What sets it apart from conventional lasers is that the long-pulsed laser energy bypasses the melanin pigments in your skin and targets only the hair – leaving your skin unharmed in the process.

Achieve Radiant, Youthful Skin

Aging, exposure to the sun, and other factors that cause your skin to lose its youthful radiance can be addressed with the use of state-of-the-art laser technology, a safe and highly popular method of treatment specifically designed to:


Minimize Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Tighten Skin & Enhance Tone


Improve Skin Pigmentation


Eliminate Brown Spots


Relieve Redness


Promote Collagen Production


Reduce Acne, Scarring, & Prominent Blood Vessels


Decrease Enlarged Pores

Your Journey Looking & Feeling Your Best

Our patients at Beauty to the Bone trust our knowledge and experience to help maintain their natural beauty on the inside and out. If facial flaws and the signs of aging are negatively impacting your everyday life, our aesthetic health and wellness professionals are passionate about restoring your youthful glow so you can face each day with complete confidence. Elevate the way you look and feel, and let us guide you on your path toward the best version of you. Get started today by booking an in-depth, personalized consultation with one of our experts, and discover if laser skin treatment is right for you.

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